This simple tool creates VPN connections with the Windows on-board tools (no installation of a client necessary). The recommends the use of a SSL VPN client, such as the Cisco AnyConnect Client, to be obtained (after login) at the VPN Server. However, the Cisco VPN Client is, for example, not compatible with a local VM workstation (in this case this solution is necessary).


  1. Windows


CreateTUVPN automatically creates two VPN accesses (from Windows 8.1). The connection 'TU Wien (all)' routes all internet traffic through the TU connection, the connection 'TU Wien (TU only)' routes ONLY traffic to the TU through the connection.

By default, the usernames and passwords are NOT saved for these connections, the accesses are available only for the current user.

However, the program offers command-line switches that provide advanced options:

The connections allow saving the username and password
The program does not generate any output and does not require any input.
The connections are created for all users.
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