The TUtoolbox installs all TU.it tools under Windows, some of which can also be downloaded as individual programs. This installation tool simplifies the download for all Windows users and also simplifies the automated distribution of the tools.

It is therefore recommended for all Windows users to download the tools using the TUtoolbox.


  1. Windows


Since the number of tools has increased greatly recently and it is too time-consuming to write and maintain an installer for each of the tools, TUtoolbox has now been created as a solution for all tool installer problems under Windows. All tools of the software distribution can be installed under Windows with the TUtoolbox. The TUtoolbox installer dynamically downloads a list of available tools and always installs the latest version. By running TUtoolbox again, further tools can be added or tools that are no longer required can be removed. If programs are in use, the changes are applied after a restart.

TUtoolbox also replaces the installers for the Microsoft activation scripts (existing installations of the activation scripts are automatically removed).

Function notes

At first startup, the list of available tools is downloaded. The recommended tools are preselected, necessary packages are selected and grayed out (and thus cannot be deselected). After successful installation the selection is saved. When TUtoolbox is started again, the last selected packages are selected. For new packages the preselection is used again.

Each time TUtoolbox is used, the latest versions of the programs are installed. Tools that are no longer needed can be removed by unchecking them.

TUtoolbox can be uninstalled like any application via Windows App Settings.

The TUtoolbox can now be installed automatically via the Windows Package Manager with winget install TUtoolbox. A hidden installation is also supported with winget install TUtoolbox -h. With winget upgrade TUtoolbox or winget upgrade --all TUtoolbox can be kept up to date in the background.


Command Line Parameter

To be able to use the tool also for automated rollouts, the following parameters are available:

The installer runs without user interaction but visibly.
The installer runs through completely invisibly.
Possible user queries are automatically answered with the default response. I.A. this option is necessary with /silent and /verysilent..
Packages can be preselected with /packages=package1,package2 (i.e. = after the password, multiple packages separated with ',', all in double quotes with spaces in the name). The package name to specify is the displayname without language extension from the package file.
No default packages are automatically selected.
No packages other than the required ones will be selected (not even those already installed!).
There is no search for new versions of TUtoolbox.
All packages that work with timestamps are updated, because the timestamp is ignored.

Version History

  • Ready for arm64 with 64 bit emulation
  • 7zip updated
  • Bugfix for encoding problems of the passwords.
  • Supports credentials check directly after input.
  • Supports package-file 1.9
  • Supports downloads with authentication.
  • Supports timestamp comparison for downloads.
  • Supports package-file 1.8
  • Supports installations without downloads.
  • Supports beforeurl actions without downloads.
  • Supports parameters for beforeurl actions.
  • Supports package-file 1.7
  • Supports downloads with Basic Authentication.
  • Improved display of changes to be made.
  • Bugfixes
  • Supports package-file 1.6
  • Reading the package information is done with progress indicator.
  • The preview of the tools to be installed contains version information and shows what happens to the tools.
  • Supports programs with user mode installation
  • Supports version control on files
  • Bugfixes
  • Supports package-file 1.5
  • Supports packages that are installed only on specified platforms
  • Supports package-file 1.4
  • Supports packages that are displayed only under prerequisites
  • Supports setting registry entries
  • Supports installation destinations outside the TUtoolbox directory
  • Supports package-file 1.3
  • Optionally uninstalls all installed programs when uninstalling TUtoolbox
  • Supports delivery of installer packages including uninstallation and versioning
  • Supports package-file 1.2
  • Bugfix for the automatically created log directory
  • Changes for better mapping using winget
  • Bug fixed when entering the version number
  • Version ready for distribution via winget
  • Installation type 2 added
  • Supports package-file 1.1
  • Warning if Powershell is too old
  • Warning for EOL operating systems
  • Initial version