PortChecker is a simple tool that can be run on a local computer without installation and tests the connection to various servers of the software distribution. It can be used to quickly find problems with firewalls and network connections.


  1. Linux Redhat
  2. Linux Ubuntu
  3. MacOS
  4. Windows

The Linux versions need installed packages for zlib and curl, the MacOS version can be installed but can also be started directly from the image without installation.


The program downloads the current list of ports to test from the server on startup. If this fails, a fixed internal very short list is loaded.

After clicking 'Check Server' all connections of the list are checked and displayed accordingly. Technically only a connection establishment is checked, it cannot be checked for correct data. The timeout is relatively short (500ms) so that the list can be run through quickly in the event of an error. With slow VPN connections, this can therefore result in incorrect results.

The two Linux versions require installed ZLib and CURL packages. Depending on the distribution, there may be problems with different packages. Details can be found in the terminal window. For Ubuntu 18 it may be necessary to install libcurl4. A fix is being worked on.

The tool is intended for quick testing by end users and can find simple firewall problems. Normally, all connections should be successful; the exception is the KMS activation, which is only available 10 minutes after unlocking.


compiled for current operating systems
Version control with download link, advanced portlist download
First release